The Mourne Classic Beltra Blanket

The Mourne Classic Beltra Blanket


As featured in The World of Interiors, June 2017.

This rich, soft grey summer blanket with asymmetrical stripes in teal, red and yellow, is handwoven by Mourne Textiles at the foothills of the Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland. The multi-hued neps and burrs in the Merino wool from Donegal Yarns reflect the local landscape where this rug was shuttle woven on a vintage loom. The blanket also uses mohair from South Africa and is washed and gently scoured after weaving to give a luxurious feel. The natural, hand-finished fringe and characteristic selvedge further underscore its handwoven characteristics. The Mourne Classic Beltra Blanket is exclusive to Craft Editions and has been made in a limited edition of 60.

W130cms x L195cms

Dry Clean Only.

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